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Nushagak River Fishing Lodge

Alaska Salmon Lodge


The Best Alaska Salmon Lodge On The Nushagak

Your Alaska Salmon Lodge!

As the premier Alaska Salmon Lodge on the Nushagak River we offer some of the finest Salmon Fishing In Alaska. First originated 35 miles downriver by Portage Creek it was soon decided to seek a better location for our Alaskan Fishing Lodge.  The lodge now sits high on the riverbank just below one of the Nushagaks major tributary’s called the Kokwok.  Another 7 miles north lies the village of Ekowok where our guests fly into. The location of our Alaska Salmon Lodge is very unique and puts us in a very strategic position for catching higher numbers of fish. We have a 14 mile stretch of river all to ourselves.

Our Alaska Salmon Lodge was created for all anglers seeking a high degree of comfort while experiencing the best Salmon Fishing In Alaska.

The need for such a  lodge was identified by owner Rick Murphy who noticed that all the other outfitters were tent camps and did not allow guests to experience Alaskas most amazing river in comfort.  Rick grew up in Dillingham Alaska hunting and fishing the region for over thirty years and has uncovered many of the Nushagak’s greatest secrets.

Since 1995 the popularity of our Alaska Salmon Lodge has continued to grow and so has the lodging facilities.  Currently there is a main dining hall, a duplex, four bedroom cabin, honeymoon suite, and a large back cabin.

The Nushagak has always been known as the best Salmon Fishing River In Alaska. While other major rivers such as the Kenai have suffered massive declines in their king runs, the Nushagak still holds strong with an average returning number of over 100,000 kings annually. Our guests average 10-15 kings per person per day on average but will catch 15-25 kings per person per day during the peak of the run.

Silver fishing is unfathomable on the Nushagak with average returning runs over 500,000. Triple and quadruple hookups happen daily when going after these highly aggressive salmon. Rick says,”It’s like catching feeding fish in a fish hatchery.”

Besides the primary target species of Kings and Silvers, the Nushagak produces massive runs of Reds, Chums, and Pinks. Other species that guests encounter during their stay are our beautiful strain of Rainbow trout, Grayling, Char, Pike, and Whitefish.  Come enjoy the Best Alaska Salmon Lodge on the Nushagak.