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Alaska Silver Fishing Photos


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Pound for pound the Alaskan Silver Salmon is the toughest fighting fish in the river. Alaska Silver Fishing is filled with aerial battles and screaming reels. The Nushagak River is filled with these chrome torpedoes that run 10lb – 20lbs.

With millions of fish in the river your Alaska Silver Fishing experience will no doubt be a memorable one. During the height of the run catching 50 silvers a day (per fisherman) is a pretty common event. We have even had fisherman catch as many as 100 silvers in a single day.

Silver salmon is amazing table fare. Silvers are not as oily as King salmon so keep this in mind while you are preparing them. Keeping the fish covered while grilling or baking will keep the meat moist and flaky and oh so delicious.

Since you get to keep up to 5 fish a day while Alaska Silver Fishing you know your fish box will be jammed full at the end of your 6 day adventure. Throw in a couple rough Kings and some Sockeye and you will be enjoying the fruits of your Alaska Silver Fishing trip for many months.

The best time to fish for Silver Salmon is in the first few weeks of August but you will find Silvers in the river from late July into October. You can catch fish many different ways while Alaska Silver Fishing, on a fly, lures and spinners, back bounding, trolling, etc. They tend to take the hook in shallower water than the Kings do.