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The Nushagak River receives the largest return of King Salmon in Alaska making it the jewel of Alaska Fishing destinations.  To make your fishing experience the best ever we hire nothing but the best Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides.

The Kings in the Nushagak range from 10-50 pounds with an average of 22 pounds. The limit for kings is two a day, four per year in our region of Alaska. Limiting out each day is tough because you can only keep one of the five to twenty kings that you may encounter throughout the day, but our experienced Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides will make sure you are always on the fish.

Anglers can take up to fifty pounds of King Fillets home with them. Our Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides target these fish with several techniques including; back trolling, back bouncing, dragging, anchoring, and fly-fishing. We provide quality G-Loomis rods with Shimano Tekota reels, spooled with 65 pound braided line. Tackle will consist of wrapped kwik-fish, salmon roe, and flies. King fishing is primarily done from the comfort of our boats, but can also be done from the bank, especially when fly-fishing.

The Silver return on the Nushagak is even more impressive than the King run, half a million fish! This gives anglers the chance to have their best day ever with a rod and reel in hand. These aggressive biters will fill your day with action whether you choose to target them with a fly or spinning rod. They are ferocious fighters as well, with plenty of aerial action. Our light tackle spinning gear and eight weight fly rods are the perfect weapons for these 8-13 pound Silvers. Spin fishing with lures or salmon roe are effective methods of loading up on these fish, but don’t overlook the fly rod. You will be hard pressed to find better action on the fly rod anywhere in the world! We have had single anglers land over a hundred Silvers in one day on the fly! With limits of five fish a day per person, you will be taking home up to one hundred pounds of frozen filets! Just let your Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide know how you would like your fish prepared.

The coffee is on at 5:00 AM for you early risers. Breakfast is at 7:00 AM your Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide will eat earlier so they can prepare the boat and get the tackle and bait ready for a day of catching!!!! The boats leave the beach at 8:00 AM, and then it’s off to the fishing grounds armed with all the talent, technics and bait that you’ll need to land these big fish. There will also be homemade cookies in the cooler with other snacks and drinks “don’t forget the beer”. Hailee will be preparing lunch while you are out catching some big salmon. You will come back for lunch around 11:30. We try to bring most of the limits in at this time to get vacuum packed and frozen.

Your Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide will bring you back to the lodge for a hearty hot lunch at 12:00 noon to get you warmed up for the afternoon.

Then you head back out at 1:00 to top off your limit, then catch and release for the rest of the evening. At 6:00 6:30 you will head in for a superb feast at 7:00. Chef Hailee will give you the pleasure of trying Different Salmon appetizers every night along with mouth-watering cuisine. Oh yeah, and remember to save room for the tasty desserts.

For those still wanting to fish your Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide will take you across the river to fish off the beach and teach you how to fly-fish. During King season we will fish from the boats with our Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides until 10:00 PM. We also offer skeet shooting and have a .22 shooting range, horseshoe pit, darts, cards and dice. We will also have a fire out front nightly for stories and drinks.

Our guests can participate as much or as little as they want; you can net fish, bait hooks, pull anchor, clean fish, hang out in the kitchen with Chef Hailee, remember “it’s your lodge” just let your Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide know what you would like to do!!!!

All our Alaska Salmon Fishing Guides are Coast Guard licensed and CPR certified for your Safety.